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Hi! I'm a junior studying Computer Science at The University of Arizona. I will be an intern at Microsoft this summer and currently work as a Senior Assistant Web Devloper at the University of Arizona. I mainly work with NodeJS, Python, React Native, PHP, C and Java. I like to play basketball, work out and listen to hip-hop/rap music in my free time. Feel free to take a look at my projects!



Here are some of my latest projects

Amazon Alexa IoT Smart Home Application

Python, NodeJS, Amazon Alexa

In an effort to convert my home into a smart home, I started off by developing an Amazon Alexa Skill using Python on AWS Lambda. Upon invocation, the skill makes a request to a lightweight NodeJS server on my house's network, based on the specified device and intent. The server spawns a Python script that performs the requested operation on the device. The scripts then use the device's external API and make the appropriate requests.

Through this skill, I can control my Roku devices and Bose SoundTouch speakers with my voice!

Real News

Python, Amazon Alexa

Developed an Amazon Alexa skill that leverages the News API to read headlines across various sources. It also gives you the ability to get news by source. The skill uses a dialog model to hold a conversation with the user and even emails links to articles, if requested.

This is an open-source project, written in Python and deployed on an AWS Lambda function. I collaborated with a friend on the projects.

Stream Finder

Python, Amazon Alexa

Developed an Amazon Alexa skill that helps you find out where to watch a show. The skill searches across streaming networks such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, FX, Amazon Prime Video, etc. It is also possible to figure out whether or not a show is on a streaming service.

The skill uses's API to search for the show's availability. It is written entirely in Python and hosted on AWS Lambda.


Java, Distributed Programming

Built a command-line GoFish card game using Java for a parallel and distributed programming course with a partner. The "dealer" for the game was essentially a server that coordinated the connection of clients and dealing from the deck. Players connect and sync with each other over the network using message passing to pass cards as serialized objects.

Arizona Catering Hub

PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap

Developed a dashboard system for the Arizona Catering Company at The University of Arizona. The dashboard enables the catering team to keep track of the progress of orders as well as update them through an intuitive checklist. It also provides logistical data about the event.

This was written in PHP and JavaScript, using Bootstrap for a simplistic front-end design.



Built a GUI-based Pokémon game with single and multiplayer modes. This project was made in collaboration with 3 of my peers over 6 weeks in a Scrum Agile framework. This was the final project for the course CSc 334: Object Oriented Programming.

This project was written in Java using threads and sockets to coordinate the multiplayer aspect of the game. Static HTML files with some CSS were also used on the project.

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